b'5 HYDRAULICSOMFB HYDRAULICSLooking for a suitable hydraulic set operating tipper or walking floor trailers hauled by your New Generation DAF tractor? A system that meets your specific requirements and has been designed for your New Generation DAF? DAF offers a full range of hydraulic parts, manufactured by worlds leading professionals OMFB Italy. Besides the single parts DAF offers a full service in compiling the right set for operating either a tipper and/ or walking floor based on your requirements. All components have been developed to meet or exceed the highest truck industry standards and have been designed according the newest DAF-models to exploit all the new features mounted on your New Generation DAF. An OMFB Hydraulic set without customer compromises and your New Generation DAF.HYDRAULIC SETS FROM DAF Full installation and service at your DAF dealer Designed for DAF Validated according highest automotiveindustry standards Two year warrantyCAB CONTROL LEVERSREFERENCE MODEL FEATURES1527310 Sandwich Low/Tip Block.Rear ports1962647 N-Force Evo Low Block. Automatic PTO off1541001 N-Force Evo Tip Block. No PTO switch1527925 N-Force Low/Tip block. Automatic PTO off1527927 N-Force Low/Tip block. No PTO switch1547524 Mini-Force Automatic. No PTO switch1547528 Mini-Force Low Block. No PTO switch1542831 E-Force WL Auxiliary Remote CommandsCAB CONTROL LEVER BRACKETREFERENCE APPLICATION1547591 XD, XF, XG, XG +P.46'