2022 (22) DAF FTGXF-480 (NGD) XF Cab £77950.00

Manufacturer: DAF

Registration Date: 2022

Model: XF

Vehicle Reg: FH22 ZWZ

Engine: DAF 480

Transmission: Traxon

Weight Cat: 44,000KG

Chassis: 6x2

Colour: White

Body Style: Tractor Unit

Mileage: 184,637

Location: Ford & Slater King's Lynn

  • 2022 (22) DAF FTGXF-480 (NGD) XF Cab, Traxon Gearbox, LED Head/Cornering/Fog/Rear Lights, Leather Steering Wheel, Fridge & Drawer, DAF Infotainment System, Luxury Drivers Air Seat, Tipping Gear, April-25 MOT, Remainder of Full 3rd Year Warranty to 18/04/2025.