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PACCAR Parts Fleet Services - Parts Transaction Management

10/04/2015, DAF Trucks UK

PACCAR Parts Fleet Services (PPFS), the PACCAR Parts management service dedicated to National and International fleet operators, has introduced Parts transactional management for UK hauliers with a multi-DAF dealer Parts purchase strategy.

Today, all operators who deal with DAF Parts at two or more locations may set-up a credit line to guarantee a fixed ‘not-to-exceed’ price on their Parts from wherever it is sourced in the DAF network.

PACCAR Parts Fleet services

PPFS benefits include

  • Consolidated billing
  • Network-wide purchase policy
  • Credit level
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Operated in conjunction with a fully-transparent web-portal.



Similar in use to a personal credit card and online banking, operators benefit from a single billing statement over a given period, regardless of where a Part is purchased, whether in the UK or across Europe, greatly reducing administration. Customers can be re-assured that all parts are priced consistently and recognised throughout the DAF network

Customers have the ability to analyse their purchase activity in much greater detail; for example, Part numbers, specific dealers, order numbers, vehicle registration details, this allows the operator to fully manage their vehicle costs.

“If there’s one phrase to sum-up this Parts service offering, it’s ‘ease of business,” said David Kiss, PPFS UK Manager, “PACCAR Parts Fleet Services is a suite of tools that provides customers with simplified, easy-to-interrogate, analysis of their Parts purchasing activity. With a not-to-exceed price agreement in place, PPFS exists to increase Parts purchase efficiency and to rationalise costs, all with the added benefit of seriously cutting administration.” he said.

“PPFS is effective because it consolidates a customers’ purchase activity across the DAF dealer network,” added Kiss,“Parts are purchasedby using PPFS credit, and then paid for upon receipt of a statement, issued weekly, bi-weekly or at a time to suit the customer,” he said.

Similarly, a national PPFS credit level means customers need not request payment terms and credits at each DAF dealer location. PPFS provides a credit level which is known at all DAF dealer locations – even if he is a first-time purchaser at a new DAF dealer location.

“For detailed analysis,” said Kiss, “the PPFS web portal provides particulars on past purchases, copy-invoices, account overviews, next payment due date, all brought together by an easy-to-use and thoroughly robust search engine.”

A dedicated support team expedites any query resolution on behalf of the dealer and customer, again, with full transparency providing peace-of-mind. “A single invoice that goes into query costs the operator time and money,” added Kiss, “one of our customers calculated the average increased cost of processing one invoice if it goes into query is £72. With PPFS, this is significantly reduced. PPFS saves costs, cuts red tape, and brings us closer to our customers.”

“Today,” concluded Kiss,“all DAF Customers can rest assured that the price they pay for a clutch in Aberdeen is the same price they pay in Plymouth, or anywhere else in the DAF network. And, through the web portal, they can enjoy a full access to their DAF Parts accounts”