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New fuel saving PACCAR Aero body for DAF LF

05/03/2012, DAF Trucks UK

Improved fuel economy, lower operating costs, consistent high quality and day-to-day practicality are all features of the new PACCAR Aero body which is now available as a factory fit option on the DAF LF at 7.5 to 12 tonnes GVW.

The new body well illustrates DAF’s Advanced Transport Efficiency (ATe) philosophy which optimises specifications for maximum efficiency and fuel economy throughout the product range.

The PACCAR Aero body is designed to be more streamlined than conventional bodies and has a moulded roof fairing and cab collars which are aerodynamically integrated with the LF cab, a curved front part of the body and rear tailgate air diffuser over the rear frame.

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics in its design, the PACCAR Aero body has been developed to reduce fuel consumption at cruising speed by up to 8% compared to a similar capacity conventional ‘square’ box body with a simple roof fairing.

The overall cubic capacity of the new Aero body is still more than 98% of a square box body of similar overall dimensions and, by taking advantage of the DAF LF’s low frame height, a rear aperture height of 2260mm is available within an overall laden vehicle height of 3560mm, even with the rear diffuser incorporated. The interior of the front bulkhead is designed to be the same size as the rear aperture, so that if the load will fit through the rear shutter, it can be stacked against the front bulkhead (or elsewhere in the body) which is important for taller load items such as ‘American’ style refrigerator deliveries.

Radiused aluminium corner pillars on the leading edges reduce accident damage from overhanging trees as well as being more aerodynamic and the cab-to-body gap is minimised to optimise air flow and aid stability in cross winds.

LF ATEAvailable on 7.5 to12 tonne GVW DAF LF models, the new Aero body compliments the already successful conventional box and curtain-sided bodies which are designed and built in the Leyland Trucks plant in Lancashire. With over 2,000 PACCAR factory built bodies now in use, DAF’s ability to offer a true ‘one- stop-shop’ for the complete vehicle is proving increasingly popular.

The DAF LF is already recognised as being one of the most fuel efficient trucks at 7.5 to 12 tonne, achieving record breaking fuel economy in press road tests at Euro 5, and combined with standard EEV emission levels from the PACCAR FR engine at up to 210 bhp, it is also one of the most environmentally friendly trucks in its class. The new PACCAR Aero body can not only reduce fuel consumption by up to 8% but also reduce carbon emissions by a similar amount.

The PACCAR Aero body is available in a range of body lengths from 5150mm to 6810mm and is available at two overall widths of 2480mm or 2350mm, with a choice of roller shutter or double rear doors.

Because it’s an in-house design and factory built to ensure the highest whole vehicle quality standards, it will streamline delivery schedules and enhance residual values as well as ensuring the best back-up support levels for the complete vehicle.

“We’ve deliberately designed our body to not only save fuel but also deliver maximum productivity for our customers”, said DAF’s Marketing Director Tony Pain. “Indeed we have researched and tested more extreme designs but they often compromised day-to-day practicalities of operation and load capacity. We believe the PACCAR Aero body is uniquely productive – just like the truck which goes underneath it”!