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From apprentice to supervisor in four years

From apprentice to supervisor in four years

10/06/2019, Ford & Slater Leicester

Former Ford & Slater apprentice, Andrew Mason, has successfully completed a level four management and leadership course, which he is putting to use in his new role as Shift Supervisor for our Corby dealership.

Andrew was among the HGV Technical Apprentices who graduated in 2017. Since then he has proven to be an essential part of the technical team at Ford & Slater, even becoming a patient and respected mentor for our current intake of apprentices. Towards the end of last year Andrew was promoted to Shift Supervisor and it was in preparation for this role that Andy was enrolled on to the course.

For each completed module I was learning techniques and practices I could put to good use when in the workshop, while subjects such as staff development, planning and budgeting and utilising resources will put me in a great position moving forward.

The six-week Management and Leadership course is designed to develop personal management capabilities and grow professional management skills, including decision-making, managing team dynamics and delegation.

Andrew will take what he has learnt on his course and use it to manage a team of five technicians in his role as supervisor, before hopefully moving up the ranks into a Workshop Controller position.

As a Controller I would need to ensure all technicians are working to the best of their abilities and that our customers were receiving the quality service Ford & Slater is known for. The management course has given me the tools and resources to do this and I look forward to stepping into the role when it becomes available.

Eventually I would like to see myself in a Service Manager position and I am grateful for Ford & Slater’s support in getting me a foot in the door with this management course and helping me to achieve my goals. Ford & Slater is a brilliant company to work for and I hope I can repay them with my hard work, using the tools and training they have given me.

Apprentice Coordinator, Lee Sursham, commented “Andy was one of our most promising apprentices from day one, and he has taken every opportunity given to him to expand his knowledge and skillset, developing into an outstanding technician and a credit to the company.”

We wish Andy all the best with his future endeavours with Ford & Slater!