DAF meets operator OCRS concerns - first time MOT pass rate achieves 95% | DAF Dealer Network

DAF meets operator OCRS concerns - first time MOT pass rate achieves 95%

DAF meets operator OCRS concerns - first time MOT pass rate achieves 95%

09/04/2014, DAF Trucks UK

Truck operators are increasingly paying concern to their Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS), a key measurement of vehicle roadworthiness and other legal compliance. VOSA are now adopting a 'traffic light' approach to vehicle operators based on their compliance and those with high scores can expect a greater chance of having their vehicles stopped for roadside inspections.

One of the key measurements is obviously the maintenance of their vehicles. In 2013 the DAF dealer network achieved some notable successes. For instance, vehicles serviced by the network achieved a 94% first time MOT pass rate and in 2014 year to date that pass rate has climbed to over 95%. This is compared to a national industry average of 82%.

Customers who have their vehicles maintained in a DAF dealership also have the advantage of DAFcheck, which is free to all customers. DAFcheck allows the dealer to manage the complex maintenance requirements of each customer. All inspections are completed in the system by the technician. As soon as the job is signed off by the foreman a copy of the job report and inspection sheet is emailed to the customer. In 2013 243,869 jobs were undertaken and over 650,000 emailed reports were sent out to customers.

Customers can also view all of their maintenance records on the DAFcheck website, which had over 47,000 hits in 2013.

Supporting customer confidence in conjunction with DAFcheck is the quality assurance process where over 20% of all DAFcheck jobs have a quality check during which the system double checks random items from the job to ensure a very robust system. DAF and its dealers have also invested heavily in technician licensing and over 1,350 technicians have been independently accredited as competent through the irtec licensing scheme. The DAF dealer network was the first complete franchised network to commit to have all of its technicians independently accredited and certified to carry out the vehicle Safety and Maintenance inspections.

That result is also a reflection of DAF's focus on its apprentice training programme which has been voted as one of the country's top 100 apprentice programmes in each of the last three years.

"At DAF in the UK our success is the result of close team working, involving every member of the extended family - from Thame through to every dealer and service dealer, all focused on total customer satisfaction", said Ray Ashworth. DAF Trucks Limited's Managing Director.

"The fact is that our collective investment and commitment means that when VOSA carries roadside vehicle checks if the vehicle has been serviced by the DAF network there's an enhanced chance that the truck will be waved on its way rather than examined closely", he said.

DAFcheck and DAFaid link-up to improve service levels

At the end of March a new DAFaid call management system was rolled out which is linked directly into DAFcheck so that dealers now have a complete overview of all maintenance and breakdown information in one area. This puts all vehicle maintenance information at the fingertips of the DAFaid technician and allows the workshop service technician to see the details of any roadside breakdowns. This can help improve the speed and accuracy of fault diagnosis and ensure problems are fixed first time - something that our customers need to maximise their vehicle uptime.

The introduction of the new DAFaid call management system meant nationwide training of the UK dealer network and in-depth testing before the switch over on Saturday 29th March.

Breakdown calls are handled by the DAFaid control centre. With the integration with DAFcheck, the system knows exactly who the customer is and who maintains the vehicle as soon as the driver provides the registration number. Once the job is allocated to the nearest available dealer, the job details are visible to the dealer, and to the DAFaid technician on a tablet PC. As the job progresses the technician can use the tablet to access diagnostic, repair and parts information as well as keep the dealer, control centre and customer up to date with progress. Once the job is complete details are automatically included in DAFcheck so that all the vehicle service history is in one place.

This significant development really brings together all aspects of vehicle service into one area so that DAF dealers, DAF technicians and DAF customers all have a complete overview of service history and vehicle maintenance records.