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DAF Telematics

Information is essential for planning and success

DAF Telematics can provide you, the operator, with insight into driver behaviour, enabling operators to better understand how safely and economically their vehicles are being driven. Vehicles can also be tracked and traced live via a dedicated web portal and a comprehensive suite of reports.  

DAF Telematics is an essential fleet management tool that can support cost reduction and safety.

All new DAF trucks supplied with a DAF MultiSupport Repair and Maintenance contract are now equipped with the proven telematics solution specifically tailored for DAF by industry leader and transport management specialist Microlise. Operators will receive a weekly fleet summary report for their vehicles. Operators can then choose to pay for additional services such as live tracking and access to a comprehensive suite of fleet management reports. 

It will also be possible to request the telematics system for older vehicles and for other brand trucks too, something that many operators will need for visibility across their mixed fleet.

For more information on DAF Telematics contact your local dealer.

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