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DAF Transport Efficiency Product Enhancements for 2015 On the DAF Stand 5C81

10/04/2015, DAF Trucks UK

Eco Mode may well prove the biggest crowd-pleaser for economy conscious operators at the NEC

Eco Mode is the new standard feature on all Euro-6 PACCAR MX-powered CF and XF models. By reducing engine torque by just 10% in all but top gear, Eco Mode reduces fuel consumption by a significant 1%. Is this significant? If necessary, a touch of a button briefly re-engages the engine’s full-torque characteristics before returning to Eco Mode shortly after.


DAF CF Silent Mode‘Silent’ mode' is available on CF and XF models and is powered by the Euro-6 PACCAR MX-11 engine. Introduced principally for urban night-time deliveries, Silent Mode is engaged by the driver by simple activation of a dash-mounted ‘Silent’ button. Beneath the cab, engine software alters performance characteristics to reduce noise levels to less than 72 dB(A).


DAF predictive cruise controlPredictive Cruise Control and Predictive Shifting, now available for the first time in the UK on Euro-6 CF and XF models with 12-speed AS Tronic transmission, uses GPS technology to accurately pinpoint the truck’s map position while looking ahead to anticipate inclines and descents. With three pre-programmed settings, the driver can choose the ideal balance of hill climbing speed and fuel economy; Predictive Cruise Control then adjusts the speed for the road ahead while Predictive Shifting selects the best gear.


Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), in conjunction with Adaptive Cruise Control. In an emergency, this active safety system is designed to brake the vehicle independently of the driver.


Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), based on ‘machine vision’ technology, is designed to prevent lane-wander by alerting the driver with an audible warning if he or she is unintentionally about to cross lane markings on either side of the vehicle.


PACCAR MX 11 EngineDAF Transport Efficiency goes further, with detailed engineering enhancements to PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines – enhancements which lead ultimately to even greater fuel efficiency. Improvements specific to PACCAR MX-13 engine performance, which include a new camshaft, revised valve timing and a new two stage water pump, have resulted in performance benefits for engine braking, too. The MX Engine Brake, now controlled via a three-stage, steering column-mounted stalk, can be specified with, or as an excellent alternative to, a retarder while offering real benefits to cost, weight (without Intarder) and fuel consumption.

Further weight savings on the FAD CF 8x4 chassis will be welcomed by tipper and mixer operators. Payload on the FAD CF already benefitted from the Euro 6 introduction of the PACCAR MX-11 engine which is 180kg lighter than the MX-13. Further weight reduction measures include revisions to the front suspension and availability of aluminium air tanks enabling another 107kg to be carried.


Specifically for the driver, DAF’s Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) is standard across the DAF range. With intuitive controls and a central display on the instrument binnacle, the driver benefits from comprehensive feedback on fuel consumption and, importantly, levels of anticipation during key driving events, particularly braking. In addition, the central information display provides advice about how to save fuel.


Tachograph details can now be viewed on the central information display, giving the driver a clear overview of driving and resting times to avoid infringements.


New, improved cab collars and air deflectors are also introduced to further boost fuel economy. For sleeper and Space cab CF models, the new air management kit features a roof deflector that is 10cm longer and cab collars that are 5cm longer, both optimised to match to trailers of 2.55m overall width.