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DAF First Choice - the last word in used truck quality

10/04/2015, DAF Trucks UK

DAF First choice logoDAF First Choice, the quality-assured used truck programme managed by PACCAR Financial, has boosted its acquisition offering by providing supplemental and extended warranties across its range of late model / low-mileage used vehicles.

Already supplied with an attractive six-months driveline warranty, called First Choice Care, DAF First Choice operators will now benefit from a new three-month full vehicle ‘bumper-to-bumper’ warranty plus a further three-months of driveline-only giving a full six months cover.

First Choice Care is a full manufacturer-managed warranty package, rather than an incomplete ‘insurance add-on’. Such a generous 3+3 addition to warranty terms embellishes a DAF First Choice vehicle with the most comprehensive peace-of-mind cover on the market.

“We’ve really pushed the DAF marque to the top of customers’ shopping lists,” said Paul Young, Regional Asset Manager at PACCAR Financial. “This highly attractive warranty package makes the DAF First Choice proposition a very difficult one to turn down – and with First Choice Care, it’s a genuine manufacturer’s warranty too, with all the essential benefits associated with a new-truck acquisition.

“Since we launched DAF First Choice last summer,” he said, “we’ve seen a strong demand for First Choice vehicles. The investment we make in ensuring every one of our First Choice trucks meets our exacting standards is obviously appreciated by our customers as it ensures they get quality equipment backed up by piece-of-mind from a comprehensive warranty package.”

All DAF First Choice vehicles boast late-model-year and low-mileage credentials; tractor units, for example, are no more than five-years-old and with a maximum of 600,000km ‘on the clock’.

“Of course, DAF First Choice can offer vehicles from right across the DAF range,” added Young,“Each vehicle is subjected to a stringent mechanical and cosmetic reconditioning prior to sale, hitting the forecourt in show-room condition and ready for the road. 32 units were sold in 2014 in just the first few months since DAF First Choice was launched, with afurther 25 currently undergoing preparation for customers.”

DAF First Choice vehicles come to market through a dedicated website accessed exclusively by the DAF Network. 88% of DAF Trucks’ sales dealers are now accredited DAF First Choice dealers, thus providing nationwide coverage. With all vehicles prepared at a single location, every participating DAF dealer, and every customer, of course, is assured of the same exacting quality standards.

A claim confirmed by Silbase Ltd. in Maulden near Bedford; a small-fleet haulier who has taken a total of six DAF First Choice tractor units in only the last eight months.

“We’re very pleased with our trucks,” said managing director, Ken Izzard, “in fact, we’re very pleased with the whole package.”

“It’s not unlike acquiring a truck from new,” added Izzard, “the warranty is extensive and the support we receive from DAF Dealer, Imperial Commercials is excellent. An unforeseen problem did crop-up on one vehicle but it was turned round in double-quick time. We’ll keep these latest DAFs for maybe three years,” he said, “and I’m confident that the DAF First Choice recondition work will ensure their reliability – it gives us peace-of-mind, that’s for sure”.